The Tundra

Covering most of the eastern region is The Tundra, a wasteland area that most people deem too dangerous to enter as only a few come back.

Many adventuring parties have taken the task of trying to survive The Tundra, often with only one or two members returning to tell the tale.

The land is said to shift from ice cold, to desert, to pure swamp and marsh land at a whim and many creatures live out there.

Legends have said the land is the kingdom of a demon king who wished to be free from Tasaric’s death domain and took over the land as his own and will one day strike against the God once he has collected enough souls from people who believe themselves hero enough to invade his land.

Other think the land is the sight of a great magical spell gone wrong and so is in constant turmoil with natural forces.

The Tundra

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