Sibant Resistance

Many years into the First Empire, the world of how things were before had lived on with elders passing stories on to children.

Eventually a woman, who’s name has been lost in time, who had been designated as a clothes maker had had enough and wished she could do more to help people. She pleaded with the Empire, but they turned her down. Sick of the treatment she started studying medicine in secret. Eventually she was found out and publicly hung for treason. Questioning the First’s judgement and disturbing order.

Word of the woman spread from town to town and soon some people in the south started meeting, deciding to try and free their town. Word spread among townsfolk and from town to town. Eventually this group realised they might be able to take their town.

This conflict escalated across several towns, and soon a man known as Severin Sibant sent messengers, smuggled in trade goods, to the towns the conflicts were in. He managed to get the leaders together and convinced them to work together, with a singular goal of taking down the First and driving them out of Bahram.

This Sibant War begin, and Severin died in battle. His family went into hiding and the resistance carried on under different leaders. 150 years later and Severin’s Great-Grandson Dargun eventually returned, taking charge of the resistance. Under his leadership, the resistance started to fight differently, trading all out battle for infiltrating cities and camps and quietly killing troops.

Eventually Dargun infiltrated the home of the First, he demanded they leave Bahram, and never return. They agreed, but Dargun slay the family and their personal guard anyway, stating that they were true evil and would come back, except armed with dark forces.

Dargun took the throne and selected his Cabinet, many people believed he was chosen to lead Bahram, his lineage, ability to see the true evil of the First family, skill in battle and timing of returning, so long after his ancestors death made him look as though he was chosen by Vadell.

Sibant Resistance

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