Sibant Family

The Sibant family are the royal family and current monarchs of Bahram.

They have led the land for many generations, after Dargun Sibant led the revolution and took down the First Empire. Since then, the throne has been handed down to the eldest child of the current monarch. And such it is expected to carry on.

Dargun Sibant took the throne of Bahrum in Centralus after a civil war that lasted 150 years. He killed the last of the Emperor of the First Empire himself and declared himself the first rightful Monarch of Bahram, a gift given to him by Vadell, and such his family should always hold the throne.

To prevent himself or his descendants from following in the footsteps of the empire, he chose to establish the Cabinet. A group made up of his Six closest advisors during the war. When one dies they would choose someone to take their place, and so a monarch will always have their Cabinet to keep them in check and offer advise when needed.

It has been 2000 years, and a Sibant has sat on the throne with his or her Cabinet keeping the peace. The only main conflict during this time was the Ioas Independance War.

It has been roughly 100 years since the monarch was last seen in person. The Cabinet told the people that Brass Sibant, the monarch of the time had taken ill from poison and such had been taken into hiding. Shortly after they reported that his son Terak Sibant would take the throne, but would remain reclusive until the time was right.

Sibant Family

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