Rule of the First

In the early years of Bahram and its people, everyone and everything ran wild.

People did as they pleased. The land had no name. Everyone was free. Until the First came.

Some people say they came from the Western sea, on large boats. Others say from the North, carried by giants. Other stories tell of them coming from the sky and falling from above, or that they came from east before The Tundra existed. Or that they were their all along, and had learned the idea of ‘Rule’ before others. But they came.

The First were a group of people who took control of the people of Bahram. Giving it’s name and establishing its main city. They gave birth to order and the laws of the land. Taming it from a land of savagery into one of progression.

Under their rule people were assigned their jobs and way of life. Those that proved naturally good at battle were enlisted in the army, those with the gift became the mages and so on. Some people, namely the First, flourished in this life.

Everything was under complete control.

This lasted for many generations, but eventually a group of people decided they had had enough with the First. A woman, who had been chosen as a clothes maker decided she wanted to be a doctor and help the sick people of her village. First soldiers executed her, an example made of those that would question the wisdom of the First.

This sparked a revolution, that eventually rose of in arms. The organisation and profession of the First was strong, but the sheer number of people wishing to be free and live life as they wanted proved to be equally as powerful, and a war lasted 150 years. Until Dargun Sibant took leadership of the resistance and was able to win the war, killing the First and naming himself the new monarch of Bahram

Rule of the First

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