The exotic southern city is the home of entertainment, fashion and luxury. Known for their skills as sailors, dancers and acrobats the people of Qaria are often welcomed through the other cities, but most people see the city as a holiday destination and not as an important trade and power city.


Qaria was founded by fishermen, who after a long time fishing in the seas would often spend time at the beach to rest before making the long journey to Centralus to trade supplies. Soon, after word of mouth of the areas beauty spread people started to move down south to escape the harshness of the north. Soon the city started to gain its own culture, people born here, motivated by the water practised their own methods of entertainment in song and dance, and even the way they fight became more fluid. Some say the Sea air and warmer climate have led to Qarians to have soft heads, hence their more easy going nature

Places of Note

Sea Tiger Base

The main base of the Bahram Naval force. Here is where the naval officers are trained, and the main strategic minds behind the navy plan their attacks/defences when needed.

Port of Qaria

The main sea port in Bahram. Most ships set sail from here; fishermen, explorers etc all leave from here and many return here for a night of Qarian hospitality before returning to their homes.

Sword Seller

The Sword Seller is known as the greatest academy for swordmen. It teaches advanced techniques with a different variety of weapons beyond hack slash and stab.

Yusak Academy

The only Mage Academy in Qaria. It is Mid-class and known for producing many conjurers for show rather than substance. Graduates where gold and black rings.


Qaria is often the home of humans, elves, and Teiflings mainly. Those than prefer warmer climates and fresher air that try to stay away from the North


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