Priests of Four Points

The main religion in Bahram is known as the Four Points, this religion teaches of two warring Deities, putting aside their differences and creating the world.

This religion is headed by the Priests of Four Points, this is an organisation of men and women who work all over Bahram to help keep the faith alive and well.

The religion is headed by the Head Priest, who is said to be able to speak with the 4 lesser deities.

He is aided by a priest in every temple, and one in each town with a shrine, these priests are tasked with helping the people of Bahram, most have the ability to heal minor wounds and poisons, and offer religious advice to those that need it.

Clerics also serve under the banner of the Four Points, these are extremely powerful healers, strong with magical forces they serve the Deities in several capacities. Some join the Bahram Forces to help aid soldiers wounded in battle, and offer council to those that wish it, whereas others wonder the land, traveling from town to town, helping adventurers, caravans and such along the way, spreading the word of the Four Points when needed. Some clerics gain a name for themselves and are often asked to give service at temples or town halls when traveling.

Paladins, often called Tasaric’s bearers, are soldiers of the Four Point church. Their position is to protect the priests and clerics, sometimes a Cleric and Paladin will travel together. Some paladins also join the army, due to the fact they often have more magical power than the average soldier they find themselves promoted quickly and some become Keepers of Peace.

Priests of Four Points

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