Magical Academies

There are Six Magical Academies across Bahram, four in Centralus, one in Qaria and one in Ioas.

Each one teaches a similar regime, encompassing different forms of magic and trying to give it;’s students a broad sense of skills. Once a student graduates from an Academy, they are given a ring, which is to be worn at all times. These rings help other magic users identify the school the wearer came from among other things. Not wearing ones Academy ring is shown as great disrespect to the Academy and will often end up with the student losing their license.

Praxus Academy

Often considered the low-class Academy, it is the easiest to get in and has the lowest fees. Very often Praxus graduates end out serving in the Army or Navy, as a result of this it has been nicknamed the ‘War-Mage Machine’ by higher up generals. Graduates wear purple rings.

Simfur Academy

A Mid-class Academy that is often associated with crime. Although there is no proof, some believe the academy to be a front for several crime gangs to train mages to help in smuggling and protection. Graduates wear black and red rings

Vos Academy

A Mid-class academy that is often used by the Priests of Four Points to train their Clerics and Paladins to use the most basic of their skills. Many other students go on to be healers here. Graduates wear white and blue rings.

Tarn Academy

A high class Academy, many students here go on to be royal guard or work for nobles. It has access to the best library in all of Bahram and its students are thought to be the best outside of Jehut. Graduates wear green and white rings

Yusak Academy

The only Academy in Qaria. Students here often learn magic for more entertainment than substance, students learn to use other skills, such as using weapons and other items to cast spells, instead of books. The Mid-level academy issues gold and black rings.

Jehut Academy

The most infamous Academy, on the island city of Ioas. Known as the greatest school of them all, it famously produces the Ioas Battle Mages, along side some of the most learned scholars in the history of Bahram. Getting into the Academy is extremely difficult and how and what it teaches are completely secret. Students learn here for longer than any other school, and leave with a ring of pure white

Most Academies have a friendly rivalry with one another, however students of Yusak are often looked down upon, and members of Jehut, although respected are often treated as different.

Magical Academies

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