Ioas Independence

The city of Ioas, home of Jehut Academy was once a part of the Sibant monarchy. However a secret council believed the city was something special and that it shouldn’t have to fall under the rule of the monarch.

Eventually this council laid out its plans and declared itself to be a free city, no longer under the control of the Sibant reign.

This ended out in a war between Ioan soldiers and the Bahram navy. The war lasted several years and it was when Ioas revealed its Battle Mages that the Sibant monarchy asked to end the conflict. They agreed to allow Ioas its independence, in exchange it would allow Bahram to use the Battle Mages if needed. They agreed, and trade negotiations began.

Ioas would allow the use of Jehut Academy to all that qualified, and the Battle Mages would join any Bahram conflict both party deemed necessary.

Ioas could not sustain livestock and much vegetation was difficult to grow their and so food and supply trade routes were set up.

Ioas Independence

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