Ioas, the only major city to not be ruled directly the Sibant family and their Cabinet is known for several reasons. Most predominantly is the fact it floats out to sea, connected to the land by two rope bridges. It is said the city was founded as a small house by a wizard who wishes to travel the seas with his apprentice but hated traveling on boats.

The city is also the home of the Jehut Academy, known as the greatest mage academy in all of Bahram.


No one knows the exact history of Ioas and why it floats on the water. The most common theory is that a wizard built his house on the water, wishing to travel the seas, but with an extreme dislike to boats. When people learned of this, they asked him to create floating houses for them and soon the sea became so crowded and he was unable to sail away. So he joined the houses together, but most people did not want to travel and so the city stayed.

Others believe it was built that way as a testament of the First’s engineering ability.

Ioas was part of the main Bahram monarchy until 2306 when they fought for independence, believing they could govern themselves better than the main government could.

Places of Note

Jehut Academy

Known as the Highest Mage Academy in the land it is known for producing a very high quality of mage, along side the cities military of battle mages. As such it is extremely difficult to get into, requiring a show of a really strong connection to magical forces, and a big wallet. It has been known to take a single Sponsorship per class.

Chambers of Council

Here is where the main council of Ioas meet. There are 4 anonymous men or women who rule the city and here is where they meet when needed to discuss the city. They pass along their discussions to the Head of the City Guard, who then reveals them to the people of Ioas.

Guard Tower

The city of Ioas is protected by a police force known as the City Guard. This is the main headquarters of the guard.

The city is known for having it’s own merchants guild and with it its own criminal underworld, although weather it is more dangerous than Centralus remains to be seen

External threats to the city are often dealt with by the Battle Mages. A group of Wizards who specialise in combat magic, known to be extremely powerful, some believe they are taught things no other mages know.

Common Races

Many races find their way to Ioas, however Dwarves, halflings, Orcs and such often stay away. They don’t trust the way the city seems to wobble atop the water.


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