First Empire

The First were the first people to come and take over ruling Bahram. They are an extremely wealthy family, from where they came is unknown to all except them and those than serve them.

Before them the place was a savage land, with people running wild and and doing as they wished.

When Metra First discovered the land, she named it Bahram, after her Grandfather, and used her wealth and power to take it over. She built the city of Centralus, and established a system where people would be put into whatever profession suited them best, based on their physical and mental traits.

This meant that Bahram’s technology progressed quickly, and soon the people would produce things that had taken her and her people generations.

She lived a long life as the Empress of Bahram, and passed the mantle down to her son. He took his power wild and tightened the grip on the people, taking children far from parents, never letting them meet, and stopping travel between towns unless they were trade folk.

After many generations of the First, they were taken down by the resistance and the last members of the family were killed by Dagun Sibant when he tool the throne and declared himself monarch.

This was the end of the First Empire, althrough there are said to be some people throughout Bahram who believe that the country prospered under their reign and so wish they would return.

First Empire

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