The Northern most city, Egret is known as a harsh city that many people would try to avoid at all costs.

The city is harsh both due to its extreme weather and its dangerous people. Even the police forces of the city are known to be especially violent, some believe this is due to left over Neith fumes in the air.

Egret is known for holding the Bahram Forces training barracks, here any new initiates in the forces spend most of their training. Although not all make it back to Centralus.


When the dwarven miner Egrus located the Neith mine, who set up his camp just south of it on a plot of land that provided shelter from the harsh environment and animals of the Steel Mountains, while also providing an easy hike to the mines. Soon, fellow miners and other travelers started to come and see the mine for themselves. Egrus, decided to start to allow people to stay at his camp, some stayed and began work for him in the mines, and soon families started migrating to the small town that was now forming where the camp once stood. After the mine dried up, the town kept growing, some people still tried to find any left over Neith and some wanting to see the mine themselves. The Bahram Military set up their base there, due to the safety of the city itself, but how close it was to the mountains, it enabled them to train troops in the wild mountains, but kept safe when need be.

Places of Note


Here any new trainees for the Bahram Forces live for a year until their training is done.

Officer Quarters

Here is where the training officers live, the quarters are much nicer than the barracks, but nothing compared to Centralus or Qaria.

Mines of Egrus

Just north of the city is the mine of Egrus, a dwarf who discovered a rich natural depository of Neith, a known drug that can cause great strength for a short time after exposure. The city was built around the mine and stayed after the mine dried up. Some people still come here, hoping to find some Neith left in the mine, or a new mine of similar value.

Common Races

Egret is home to few races, Dwarf, Dragonborn and Human are most commonly found in the streets, with most people preferring the warmer, and safer south.


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