Centralus is the capital city of Bahram. Known as the centre of trade, adventure and politics. It is here many people come looking to try and find fame as an adventurer, try and meet the royal family or make gold as a merchant.

Centralus is home to the Sibant family house and the main council chambers. It is also where the main strategic bases of the Bahram Forces can be found.

The city is known for its high walls, practically covering most the city, making it very difficult to attack.

The city is also said to be home to many powerful crime lords, due to its high population and wide variety of rich and poor people, crime has spiked and despite the police force many powerful criminals continue to gain wealth and power in the city walls.


Centralus was built by Metra First. She believed that building her new home city in the centre of the land of make it easier for her to command the whole land, while providing the safest location for her.

After the Sibant Revolution, Dargun Sibant chose to keep the main seats of government and the military in the city, to remind people that they sat where their oppressors once sat.

Places of Note

Sibant Residence

This is where the Sibant family has lived for the entirety of its reign. It is here, at this tower in the centre of the city that the current monarch resides. The current Cabinet convene here and meet with the ruler to discuss the matters of the land.

No one has seen the current monarch for many years, leaving some to believe they do not exist, and are a facade by the cabinet to keep in power. Others think that some disease has taken the family and they are too sick to make public, perhaps due to weakness or disfiguration.

Bahram Forces headquarters

The main strategic headquarters for the Bahram military forces. Here is where the main leaders meet when needed to discuss strategy. It is also where ceremonies, such as high promotions or graduations are held, such an event often draws quite a crowd.

High Temple’s

Around the ciuty are the Four High Temples. These are known as the largest and greatest temples to the Four Point deities.


There for Four Academies in Centralus

  • Praxus Academy – The lowest, students here are known for their purple rings.
  • Simfur Academy – A Mid-class Academy, student here have red and black rings
  • Vos Academy – A Mid-class, students here where Blue and white rings
  • Tarn Academy – Very high profile, students here have green and blue rings.

Common Races

Centralus is inhabited by many different races. Practically anything that can walk, talk, hold a weapon or make a deal can find a home there.


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