Bahram Forces

Bahram Forces is the umbrella term for the military and policing forces of Bahram. They are divided intro Three groups, Army, Navy and Keepers of Peace.


These are the main group forces of Bahram and consist of soldiers that make up all the military groups. These are basic soldiers and are trained in hand to hand combat, along with a variety of long range and melee weapons.

People wishing to join the army will join at the Centralus HQ, there they will be tested and spend some time training in basic combat. After this has been completted they are sent to Egret. Here they spend a year mastering their skills. They live in barracks along with other recruits where they learn survival skills. After half a year they are then sent out to the Steel Mountains, here they must survive with their fellow recruits for the remainder of their year. The mountains are known to be homes of many creatures and races such as goblins and kobolds who have mastered it’s terrain. After their training is done they are taken back to Centralus, here they graduate and are welcomed as part of the Bahram Army


The Navy is made up of sailors and members of ships crew. Only people who are vital to a ship working properly are put on a naval vessel, other passengers are soldiers of the army.

The main naval base is in Qaria, it is here that most sailors who join the Bahram navy reside and live their lives.

Keepers of Peace

Keepers of Peace make up the main police force of Nahram. All towns are sent a member of the Army, who serves as their ‘KP’, this person will then select people in the town to make up their police force. The ‘KP’ answers to the army directly and is able to militias his/her police force if the need arrises.

In large cities there are normally several KP’s, to help lighten the load. Centralus has 13 active KPs at any given time

Battle Mages

The main military force of Ioas are their Battle Mages. These are Wizards that have decided to stay and serve the city in case of any attack. The treaty between Ioas and the Sibant family means that the monarchy can call upon the Mages if needed in time of war.

Bahram Forces

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